Flavours from Nature

Fruittella products only have natural flavours and natural colouring, so nothing artificial. This means your Fruittella are coloured by concentrates and extracts from plants and fruits. It goes without saying that Fruittella always contains fruit juice. This results in an even more fruity taste. Fruittella 'Flavours from Nature' !

Did you know

  • When all the Fruittella machines are operating simultaneously, 500,000 Fruittella’s are produced each hour.

  • That if all the Fruittella produced in a week were laid head to toe they would go from London to the South of France ! That's 1382 Km!

  • It only takes one-and-a-half hours from sugar grain to Fruittella.

  • Fruittella is produced in 5 countries, namely the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia.

  • After 25 years, an employee of the Fruittella production plant will have made 45 million litres Fruittella dough.

  • The Fruittella Long John machine is able to produce 3 Miles in just one hour.

Our History

Find out the key miles stones of Fruittella in Great Britain.


Our Commercials

Fruittella is synonymous with its famous slogan "Flavours from Nature". All of our advertising reinforces Fruittella as a family brand, enjoyed by children and approved by parents. You can also see our adverts at the cinema!

We love our #fruittella friends

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Could we be sponsored by Fruittella?

    Unfortunately, sponsorship is currently not possible.

  • Can I get a factory tour?

    In order to ensure optimum quality of our products, it is not possible to organise factory tours because of strict safety and hygiene rules.

  • What are the ingredients and nutritional values of Fruittella?

    You can find the ingredient lists and nutritional information on the product packaging and in the product section of this website by clicking the + sign.

  • Do Fruittella products contain allergens?

    For most recent allergen information please check the packaging.

  • Are Fruittella products gluten free?

    For most recent gluten information please check the packaging.

  • What are natural flavours?

    Natural flavourings are: - From 100% natural source materials e.g fruit, vegetables. - Produced by natural processes e.g. heating, extraction - Must have been identified in nature.

  • What kind of gelatine is being used?

    The gelatine used is pork gelatine.

  • What is the shelf life of a Fruittella?

    The best before end date is stated on each package.

  • Are Fruittella candies Kosher or Halal?

    Fruittella candies sold in the UK are not Halal or Kosher.


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